Rigoberta Bandini and Julieta Venegas come together in ‘Qué más da’, a feminist song about self-care

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Two of the most brilliant composers in contemporary music have joined their talents and voices to create a unique song: Qué más da. That’s what the new thing is called Rigoberta Bandini with Julieta Venegas, a feminine and feminist anthem with which both address topics such as toxic relationshipshe self care and the need to be honest with oneself.

As for the lyrics, What difference does it make It is a perfect song to scrutinize our own and other people’s attitudes, to reevaluate ourselves and become aware. With it, the artists aim to connect with an increasingly broad audience that is looking for put on valueand they do so through verses in which they explore human nature without losing irony, Rigoberta’s unmistakable hallmark.

What difference does it make It is composed by Rigoberta Bandini and Julieta Vengas themselves along with Esteban Navarro and Stefano Maccarrrone. Pop presides over this song that flirts with urban and slightly electronic rhythms, however, the Catalan imprint is more noticeable in the lyrics, while the rhythm and melody remind us more of songs in the style of Julieta Venegas, a of the most prestigious singers and composers of Latin music.

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In the lyrics we feel numerous references to finding our way out of circuits that suffocate us, be they decisions and relationships of all kinds, and Julieta’s final cry summarizes the essence of this song very well: Get over it, friend!

The song comes with an animated lyric video by Johnatan Romero Ruiz:

What difference does it make is the return of Rigoberta Bandini to the scene after a break in 2023. “I’m back and I promise to provide content, I hope, of quality. I come to tell you that on Friday the 22nd my song with Julieta Venegas will be released – I still don’t believe it’s going to be released a song with Julieta Venegas- (…), the artist commented on her TikTok account to announce the release of this song. But it is not the only professional joy that 2023 has given her, since she recently celebrated her first nomination for the Goya awards for his participation in the film’s soundtrack I’m loving you madly.

For her part, Julieta Venegas was recognized in the last edition of the Latin Grammy Awards with the award for Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album for Your history.


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