Ryan Adams surprise releases 5 albums at once: a total of 77 songs in a single day

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Ryan Adams He has taken the lead and has released 5 new albums to start 2024: Sword & Stone; Star Sign; Prisoners (Live); heat wave and 1985. All of them, under their own record label, PAXAM, founded in 2004.

The albums have been available on digital platforms since January 1, the date on which the North American decided to surprise his fans with a somewhat late, but unique Christmas gift. As a curiosity, the singer has revealed where the covers for each of his projects came from. Created by @dillingerprints, “Stephen is the guiding light and voice of PAXAM’s aesthetic. In this moment when my bizarre ideas and arbitrary photos mix like clouds or a lost rosary that I see when I go for a runhe has been able to transform covers, t-shirts and any crazy thing we can think of into the most beautiful, classic, cool and easily recognizable thing in the world.”

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In a single day, Adams has released a total of 77 songs, among which are the live versions of their album Prisonerspublished in February 2017. The majority, however, are unreleased and navigate between the rock and roll of Bruce Springsteen and the punk rock (garage and somewhat dirty) of Ramones.

It should be noted that it is especially striking that several of the tracks 1985 They barely reach a minute in length, So we can venture to say that they are simple demos and unfinished songs in which Ryan has experimented with sound and specific themes.

“Happy New Year. Happy 2024. I’m Ryan Adams, he of music, novels, art and questionable guitar solos. I just wanted to thank everyone who has pre-ordered an album and those who have made it possible be a great day of reproductions in streaming for me. “It’s incredible,” he thanked the reception through his social networks.yes.

Tracklist Sword & Stone

  1. I was here
  2. Blown away
  3. Sword & stone
  4. never run
  5. memory lane
  6. Friday night NYC
  7. Manhattan in the rain
  8. nuclear war
  9. Blizzard in the room
  10. I’ll wait
  11. I can see the light
  12. make it stop

Tracklist Star Sign

  1. self defense
  2. so lost
  3. Darkness
  4. Shinin’ through the dark
  5. be wrong
  6. Tomorrow you never eat
  7. Speed ​​car
  8. star sign
  9. I lost my place
  10. stay alive

Tracklist heat wave

  1. lies
  2. Mercy
  3. heat wave
  4. Why
  5. I’m sorry
  6. Supernatural
  7. Angel
  8. true love
  9. Too late
  10. Wallas
  11. The blue canoe
  12. I’m insane (again)
  13. already gone
  14. 5th Avenue

Tracklist 1985

  1. Dark places
  2. Waste of time
  3. I don’t want to know
  4. Lose control
  5. Forget me either way
  6. No flags
  7. rat face
  8. Skulls
  9. Toaster face
  10. Between the bars
  11. What do you want part 2
  12. You are the enemy
  13. Lucy
  14. Panic in the night
  15. How to belong
  16. sleep it off
  17. Mid-life crisis
  18. Promises
  19. broken pride
  20. Down the drain
  21. Bag of trash
  22. what the fuck
  23. Refugee
  24. body and soul
  25. Satraight edge book store
  26. Punch ’em in the nuts
  27. space troll
  28. On a side
  29. stoned alone


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