Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) accused of assault by two other women

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Sean Combs is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting one woman in 1991 and another in the early 1990s.

Five days after Sean Combs and Cassie reached a settlement in the singer’s lawsuit against Combs, in which she accused him of rape, sex trafficking and physical abuse, the rapper and producer is facing two more trial.

A new complaint, filed Thursday in New York State Supreme Court in New York County, accuses the rapper of drugging and sexually assaulting a former Syracuse University student in 1991 and of filmed the attack. The complaint alleges that Combs then showed the video to other people in an act described as ” revenge porn “.

Through a representative, the rapper (who goes by Diddy or Puff Daddy) denied the allegation in a statement to TMZ. “ This last-minute lawsuit is an example of how well-intentioned law can be misused, a representative said. The story of the 32-year-old young woman is invented and is not credible. Mr. Combs never assaulted her and she involves companies that didn’t exist. This is purely a matter of money and nothing else. »

In another complaint, an anonymous accuser claims that Sean Combs and singer-songwriter Aaron Hall raped her and her friend in 1990 or 1991, then that Diddy became violent during a fit of rage a few days later. later.

According to available information, when Combs finished with (the anonymous accuser), he exchanged with Hall “, can we read in the court document obtained by WECB. A few days after the alleged assaults, Combs allegedly went to the home where the accuser and her friend were staying and became violent. “ He was furious and started assaulting and choking (the accuser) to such an extent that she fainted. He was looking for his friend because he was worried she would tell the girl he was with at the time what he and Hall had done to them. »

These are fabricated complaints, falsely alleging misconduct dating back more than 30 years, filed at the last minute. This is nothing more than an attempt to get money. Because of Mr. Combs’ fame and success, he is an easy target for anonymous accusers who lie without conscience or consequence for financial gain.a spokesperson for Mr. Combs said in a statement sent to WECB Friday. The New York legislature certainly did not intend for the Adult Survivors Act to be exploited by scammers. The public should be skeptical and not rush to accept these bogus claims. »


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