Mika: why is his world so colorful?

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Wednesday, November 15, the colorful singer who makes all generations dance took the microphone of the influencer Léna Situations’ podcast. He took the opportunity to talk about his life and deliver an anecdote that is as touching as it is amusing.

While he is soon preparing to release an album entirely in French and will return to his comfortable red coach’s chair on TF1 for “The Voice”, Mika went through the “6-seater sofa” of the YouTuber and influencer Léna Situations. In this podcast, the pop singer took the opportunity to confide in his past and the trials that allowed him to build his colorful identity as an artist. In his story, he shared a touching anecdote concerning his obsession with the color white as a child.

From the blank page to the rainbow

Being a dreamer is important », affirms Mika for whom this method allows her to maintain her joy of living. From his youth, the artist remembers that he was “ a day dreamer ”, able to remain still to visualize “ another world for 45 minutes », his own personal universe. And the once bullied child quickly used his creativity to pursue music.

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And if we know that he likes the colors which characterize his artistic identity, Mika recognizes that before this real rainbow, he had an obsession with painting everything white. “ I painted everything white, (…) even a piano that we had for rent. My parents came home one day, I had painted it white », a choice which was not trivial since according to him, “ if everything is white, it can be transformed more easily “.

Since then, the artist has become the one we know and continues to brighten the hearts of his fans. Recently, Mika performed on the stage of the WECB Music Awards on the occasion of his nomination in the “Francophone Clip of the Year” category.


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