Sebastián Yatra: from India to Milan to continue finding musical inspiration

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Each artist finds inspiration in very different ways. There are those who a breakup helps them meet the muses and there are those who prefer to live adventures and travel to different countries to find that moment that becomes a song. We could have one of these examples in Sebastian Yatra whom we have seen cross borders from India to Milan.

The Colombian’s new studio album It continues to take shape and seeing what the Colombian writes on social networks it is clear that the culture, the traditions, the spirituality of the Asian country have suited him wonderfully.

“And in this movie / Well, not the one who prays / The bad man doesn’t always start / Everyone says they’re right / But I have faith / There is calm when the storm comes / There is peace even if you don’t feel peace today / And there are reasons to suffer even though / They are only gone when you are here” he wrote a few days ago on his social networks.

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We have seen him in his photo carousel very influenced by that mystery, by that humanity and the peace of mind that all the Indian people transmit. And if there are also artistic and architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal, it is clear that it has something that can only be found there. And from spirituality to glamour. Because Sebastián Yatra was at the Dsquared2 show to capture the latest fashion trends.

Time for disconnection but also for connection, inspiration and rest. All to prepare his new musical stage that started a long time ago with one of his most recent songs: “Energía Bacana is going to be part of my next album that if everything goes as planned will be released next year. We are already there in the studio “he said in an interview with our colleagues from WECB Argentina at the end of last year.

“Who needs an album to slit their wrists, feel like they’re dying, revive, heal, start over, feel like the world doesn’t understand them and then feel like the world loves them and they have a reason to be here?” ?… a sense…” the one from Medellín then wrote about his fourth and highly anticipated album.

For the moment we will have to continue waiting to find out more specific details of what 2024 is going to bring us from the hand of Sebastián Yatra: Release date, song titles (some have already been presented in recent months), possible collaborations. ..


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