“Crushed Velvet” by Molly Lewis that will shake you

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A song that will immerse you in Molly’s talent and sensuality.

Go ahead play! to “Crushed Velvet”the second single from the acclaimed Molly Lewis and that will be part of their next LP On The Lipswhich will be available on February 16 through Jagjaguwar. Although the band of Molly It is a precise and evocative accompaniment, the artist’s singular talent captures attention on stage; With his notes as elevated as they are controlled, as seductive as they are gloomy, he becomes a treat for all those who listen to him.

On the track, Molly Lewis says:

You are playing dice, it is your last throw and you have a lot at stake. You need all three to win. Sweat runs down your forehead. Luck grabs you by the arm at the last moment. The dice spin… and then this song comes on…, distracting everyone just in time for you to grab the money and run.”

Molly was part of the soundtrack of the movie Barbie next to Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyattlent his unique talent to fashion houses such as Chanel, Gucci and Hermes and supported Weyes Blood on his tours; what has achieved Molly is positioned among the favorites, with her characteristic whistle being one of the references when citing the Australian artist.

On The Lips was recorded with the producer Thomas Brenneckin the studies Pasadena Diamond West. With something of an open-door policy during the sessions, a number of acclaimed musicians joined Molly throughout the album’s 10 tracks; artists like Nick HakimBrazilian guitarist nominated for Latin Grammy, Rogê, Leland Whitty and Chester Hansen of badbadnotgoodthe Chicano soul group Thee Sacred Souls in the melancholic “Crushed Velvet”. The album includes two versions: The ’60s pop standard of Dave Berry “The Crying Game” and “Because you are leaving” of Jeanette of 1974.

List of songs On The Lips:

1. “On The Lips”
2. “Lounge Lizard”
3. “Crushed Velvet”
4. “Slinky”
5. “Moon Tan”
6. “Silhouette”
7. “Because You’re Leaving”
8. “Cocosette”
9. “Sonny”


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