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The designer Zep presents The Woohoo, his new musical project, oriented indie pop-folk. He combines drawing and music.

When he’s not busy drawing. Zep makes music. He has been writing, composing and playing guitar in a number of groups for decades. His big bang rock dates back to the end of childhood, when at 11 years old, he had his first revelation: he was fascinated by the American group KISS, who gave him ants in his feet with the album Dynasty. He finds everything he loves and was looking for: muscular hard rock, hammered by the magical doublet – Paul Stanley/Gene Simmons – and a comic book look that maintains the mystery.

Musically, during his adolescence, he moved between Deep Purple and Whitesnake. Until the day he discovered Led Zeppelin’s first album. This will be his second revelation. And on this road to Damascus rock, Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham, pushed at full volume, sweep the competition up and down. The heavy rock of four Englishmen cleanses his eardrums while opening up new musical horizons for him (he owes them his nickname).

A few years later, his sister gave him the album Slow Train Coming by Bob Dylan. Third revelation! Fascinated by the writing and music of Zim, he surveys his discography up and down, obtains originals and tracks down bootlegs.

Today, still crazy about rock, he is launching an indie pop-folk project. With singer Valérie Martinez, they set up the group The Woohoo. They compose together and record everywhere. From the toilets of the house to the prestigious Bordeaux studio of Cocoon.

Every week he tells the tumultuous chronicle of the birth of their record: “ where do the melodies come from”, “how do you make an album”, “is Sting cool” And “does vinyl paste stain pants” ? You will know everything.

making of the wowou zep

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