Tokio Hotel: what happens to singer Bill Kaulitz?

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This week, the iconic leader of the Tokio Hotel group was seen at Paris Fashion Week. Far from his traditional shaggy hair, Bill Kaulitz is now sporting a new style and will soon be returning to tour.

A look back at the iconic rock group of the 2000s. With its first album “Schrei”, released in 2005, Tokio Hotel became a real phenomenon. Success is immediate. Singer Bill Kaulitz, his twin brother Tom, Georg Listing and Gustav Schaffer ignite the four corners of the world. From there, followed a second album “Zimmer 483” (2007) which only reinforced the hysteria of its audience. In college, German classes became trendy and fans adopted a look that quickly became popular, that of “emo” (“ emotional hardcore “). Skinny pants, checkerboard pattern and thick eyeliner, Bill Kaulitz, the leader of Tokio Hotel, literally influences the style of an entire generation.

With his electric black hair, his face is everywhere. And despite the criticism, the rockstar unleashes the crowds. However, the Tokio Hotel group is gradually disappearing from French radars, leaving behind an indelible memory.

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A new look

Nearly 15 years later, Bill Kaulitz has changed a lot. This week, the singer of the group was present at Paris Fashion Week at the LGN fashion show. Indeed, he occupied one of the front row seats, alongside traditional journalists, influencers and stylists. Far from his little face that we knew, he sports a new look (already adopted for some time).

Despite everything, the 32-year-old singer preserves his singularity. Piercings, blond brushing and plumped lips, Bill Kaulitz remains very particular about his appearance. Now a digital fashion designer at Greedy Gramps NFT, he also released a solo album in 2016 entitled “Billy » and in 2021, unveiled his first autobiography, “Career Suicide”, in which he looks back on his childhood and the height of Tokio Hotel.

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Soon on tour

So no, Tokio Hotel is not finished. The young Germans have never separated. They continue to be active. For example, Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother, in a relationship with model Heidi Klum, are members of the jury on the German version of “The Voice”.

In 2025, Tokio Hotel returns to the stage with a European tour. The group will meet its fans at the Olympia on March 10.


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