What has happened to Almácor? The public asks that he repeat his performance at the Benidorm Fest 2024

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  • Benidorm Fest 2024 result: this is how the final classification turned out and there is already a Eurovision representative
  • Nebulossa wins the Benidorm Fest 2024 and will go to Eurovision with ‘Zorra’

There is no Eurovision Spain preselection without Eurodrama. And this year was not going to be less. This time the protagonist has been Almácor, the singer who defended Platinum Shines in the final of the contest. He was the last one to get on stage and we had a pending score with him. However, it has not been as we expected.

As we have been able to see from home, due to technical problems, as RTVE has pointed out, the aerial shots from above have come out without the projection that was planned. In this way, the spectators have not been able to see the real result of the shot. A shot that we were able to enjoy in the second semi-final without problem. But it hasn’t been the only thing that has failed. As we saw in the semifinal, the young man finished his performance surrounded by fire and in the grand final they did not come out either.

A fact that has led the presenters of the gala Ruth Lorenzo and Marc Calderó to demonstrate live. They themselves have assured the spectators of the technical failure. The presenters have had to face a wave of boos from the live audience. And they have started to scream “Let him repeat it!” so that you have the same conditions from home. But we already know what television is like and a live program must continue, so he was not able to repeat the performance.

Almácor’s own reaction to seeing that the public was chanting his name has been to increase their spirits. But in the end it couldn’t be.

Nebulossa goes to Eurovision

The winner of the Benidorm Fest 2024 has been Nebulossa with her incredible Zorra. The song has become an anthem that has marked the festival and that now seeks to make all of Malmö sing. Nebulossa wants the Swedes to find in the dictionary the new concept of Zorra, that insult that they may have learned on a trip precisely to Benidorm and that Nebulossa appropriates it to give it a new meaning. And for that alone it is worth it.

Nebulossa has everything to make singing history Bitch at Eurovision. And whatever the result is (although we wish the best for her), We are sure that it is going to become one of the hits of the next Eurovision season.

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