Who is Jorge González, the candidate for Benidorm Fest 2024 who refused to appear in ‘Physics or Chemistry’

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  • Benidorm Fest 2024: these are the 16 participants who will compete to go to Eurovision

RTVE The countdown has already begun for the celebration of the highly anticipated next edition of Benidorm Fest 2024 and the network, in charge of organizing the festival, has received a total of 825 song proposals, almost double that of last year; That is to say, quite a record. And it is no wonder, since let us not forget that in this event the name of the artist and the song that will represent Spain at Eurovision next February in the Swedish city of Malmö is decided.

France has been the fastest candidate country and has already released the song with which they will perform at the European festival, it is called Mon Amour and is performed by the singer Slimane. Our country, however, has taken a little longer, but RTVE has finally announced the names of the candidates who will participate in Benidorm Fest, which celebrates its grand finale on February 3, 2024.

And one of the names that has been heard among all the participants is that of Jorge gonzalez. His name may not sound familiar to you at first, but his face must be familiar to you, since it is not the first time that this singer appears in a musical competition and he already carries the weight of a victory in a talent television. Do you want to know more about him? We tell you!

5 curious facts about Jorge González

From Madrid with gypsy roots

Jorge González, 35 years old, was born in the city of Madrid and his origins are very humble. As he has already said on various sets and in interviews, the jump from him to television and, above all, to a program as well known as O.T., changed his life; since before his appearance in the contest, he worked in a flea market selling underwear.

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But if there is one striking fact about his life, and of which he has always been very proud, it is that belongs to the gypsy community; a fact that, however, has given him more than a few bad times. In fact, he himself has taken advantage of many interviews with the press to denounce situations of discrimination that he has had to endure as a result.

‘Operation Triumph’, ‘TCMS’…

González is not the only artist who has already been through more than one contest or small screen program. Other candidates to represent us at Eurovision also have that experience on their resume. But in the case of Jorge González, it is quite remarkable, since he went through the talent has been highlighted.

The first time the country saw him sing was at the casting of the fifth edition of Triumph operationback there 2006. He was one of the candidates who managed to enter the academy and at that time he was only 18 years old. It was the edition in which Lorena Gómez was the winner.

After passing through the contest, he participated for a time as part of the band that performed live on María Teresa Campos’ program, What a happy time!. Apart from these, he was also one of the contestants of The voice, even becoming a finalist on Rosario Flores’ team. Although one of his great achievements was his time through Your face is familiar to me, program in which he was proclaimed winner in the 8th edition.

It is not his first attempt at Eurovision

“Eurovision is my dream”he admitted a few years ago in an interview with The world. And there are many times that, since she won Your face sounds familiar to me, she has confessed that she would love to be able to represent us at the festival and that is the great unfinished business for her; She has said it on more than one occasion.

Although now it seems that he has a real opportunity to achieve that goal. In fact, this is the first time that he has officially nominated himself as a possible candidate, but in the past, Jorge González presented himself to be one of the many who presented themselves. It was in 2014with its theme Even if the world endsand came third.

He refused to appear in ‘Physics or Chemistry’

That’s right, his time on the small screen is not limited only to musical competitions. Jorge González, like many other artists, try to try their luck and open up to the industry through different paths, and one of them is acting.

In fact, the singer could have been part of one of the most iconic series of millennials in our country; Physics or chemistry. This is what she told it in the program Better Saturday before Boris Izaguirre. At that time, he was only 18 years old and he was worried about the image he would give by appearing in the series and having to show his body in some scenes, since They offered him the role of Quino. “A gypsy boy from a village, imagine. For me it was like a show,” she confessed this summer.-

Has two children

In addition to being a singer, having been about to appear in a highly successful series and having participated in many talent shows, Jorge González also boasts of being the proud father of two children: Aday and Nayra (12 and 9 years old, respectively). They were both absolute fans of Your face sounds familiar to me and they have let it slip that their little daughter has more of an artist streak and is even recorded on TikTok.


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