Aitana speaks out about the possible collaboration with Ana Mena and Lola Índigo: “There has to be a good song”

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Aitanahaving passed the halfway point of his tour and with two Awards in his hands, took the stage at the WiZink Center in Madrid last Friday, November 3, and decided to dedicate the award to two key artists: Ana Mena and Lola Indigo.

“I didn’t expect it, much less have two awards. It’s the first time that’s happened to me in my life,” said the singer. “I’m shaking. I love two women who lead the national music scene who are Ana Mena and Lola Indigo, you know that I admire you a lot. This award is also for you,” she said excitedly.

This inevitably revived the rumor and desire to the long-awaited collaboration between the three artists. And this Tuesday, November 7, Aitana has decided to speak out about it, after her colleagues had done so previously.

The performance of Abraham Mateo It seemed crazy to me. I don’t want to generalize, of course there are men who also put on a show… And there are women who don’t dance either…”, explained the singer.

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Aitana, claiming the importance of supporting women and putting aside any type of competition, commented forcefully: “I wanted to dedicate the award to them because in the end they put a lot of effort into it, “I admire them and I think it is essential that we support each other.”.

And, in relation to the most anticipated collaboration, the singer has not hesitated to position herself: “Regarding our collaboration… Well, I don’t know yet, those things are not planned, I think there has to be a good song“, making it clear that these projects arise naturally.

“Many of my collaborations have arisen over dinner…”, stated Aitana, giving hints of how the collaboration that they could have in their hands can occur, and that they have to work on it in a natural way.

Ana Mena confirmed to WECB in an interview his desire to collaborate with Aitana and Lola Indigo: “I swear I would love to. I have talked to some of them about doing a song together and it hasn’t happened due to agendas or because, suddenly, the topic didn’t fit… but we would have to do it. In fact, I’ll tell you more: we have the obligation to do it“.

If people ask for it, you must always give it to them. I always say that the important thing is the songs, the important thing is that there is a good song, the collaborations come by themselves. And of course the feeling: be in the studio and there is a vibean energy”, he stated Lola Indigo for their part in the WECB Music Awards Santander 2023 PreShow, giving us hope that one day this long-awaited collaboration can take place.

We can only hope that this collaboration goes ahead and we can see these three talented women together in the same song.


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