TAYLOR SWIFT is Apple Music’s 2023 Artist of the Year

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Taylor Swift has been named Apple Music’s Artist of the Year. Between charts, streaming and concerts that filled stadiums with fans, Taylor Swift has undoubtedly reached a new height of popularity this year.

Overall, in the first 10 months of 2023, Taylor Swift saw 65 of her songs enter Apple Music’s international daily Top 100, more than any other artist.

I’m truly honored to be Apple Music’s Artist of the Year,” commented Swift. “I thank every single person for making 2023 the most incredible, joy-filled, and worth-celebrating year ever. You played my music non-stop, sang it with me at the top of your lungs at concerts and danced to it in cinemas. None of this would have been possible without you. I thank you immensely.”

Taylor Swift’s impact on the music world is undeniable, not just in this record-breaking year, but throughout her entire career,” said Oliver Schusser, Vice President of Apple Music and Beats.

She is a generation-defining artist and a true driver of change in the music industry, and her impact and influence will no doubt continue to be felt for years to come. We are happy to have the opportunity to celebrate her accomplishments.”

Apple Music revisits the music and moments that defined Taylor Swift’s Eras era, an event so culturally significant that it transformed songs from her past into some of this year’s biggest hits. The dedicated section includes a series of radio programs that celebrate the themes of Swift’s albums over the past two decades, along with interviews, collections and playlists that show the singer-songwriter’s journey to this historic year.

To tune in: apple.co/am-1.

Taylor’s Version 2023 on Apple Music

Swift has seen a steady increase in streams throughout the year, particularly following the huge success of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour. The week in March that the tour kicked off, her streams spiked 61% globally. The artist continued to experience double-digit growth in monthly streams throughout the summer. Setlist: Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was the most listened to setlist of the year and one of the 40 most played playlists.
Big hits like “Bad Blood,” “Blank Space,” “Style,” “Shake It Off,” “Wildest Dreams” and “All Of The Girls You Loved Before” all hit the Apple Music charts for the first time in 2023.
“Cruel Summer,” from the 2019 album Lover, has become one of the most played songs of the summer on Apple Music worldwide. The song re-entered the international daily Top 100 in April for the first time in four years, and it’s still there.

Midnights remains the most successful album by a female artist ever in Apple Music history, with record first-day and first-week global streams.
Swift is the most streamed female artist in Apple Music history, as well as the female artist with the most songs reaching the Apple Music International Daily Top 100.

As Apple Music’s Artist of the Year, Swift will also receive a physical award representing the extraordinary art of music creation. Each Apple Music Award is composed of a custom-made silicon wafer suspended between a smooth glass plate and a machined, anodized aluminum body. As a symbolic gesture, at the heart of the Apple Music Awards is the same chip we find in devices that put 100 million songs at our fingertips.


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