Naiara covers a song by India Martínez in ‘OT 2023’ and she reacts: “But what is happening here?”

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Not even a week ago the doors of the Operación Triunfo Academy They opened to receive 16 contestants willing to give their all in the contest. Since then, we have already experienced the first distribution of songs, the first bus show and, of course, the first memes and the first ships between the participants have already been born.

The days pass between four walls and, although they are full of activities, with a tight schedule, with which they work hard on their assigned songs on Tuesdays, as well as in singing and English classes, and they even keep in shape with exercise. , The dead hours are spent together on the couch interpreting one song or another.

Naiara leaves the entire ‘OT 2023’ team in shock

The last friday, Naiaraalong with other of his companions, took a seat on the sofa and began to sing a song that has touched our hearts at some point: Hungry Heart by India Martínez ft. Abel Pintos. The contestant defended this issue with determination and courage, and on social networks, fans of the format did not miss the opportunity to highlight how she did it: “What did Naiara just do? Hair standing on end and the wig on Mars,” she wrote. on a tweet from a follower with the cut included.

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A frame that just a day later it reached the hands of the author of the song and that, like the rest of the people who saw it, was amazed: “But what is happening here?”

Acting classes start strong

“The kiss”, is how the OT 2023 Academy itself has described the moment that Martín Urruita and Denna have given us. They were both in acting class. and it seems that they have gotten so involved in the role that they have left their classmates and even the teacher herself with their mouths open.

Sitting in a chair, Denna blurted out “I love you” to Martín while he was telling her something about another man. Without a doubt, a great moment that they have given to the audience and who knows how far it will go…


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