Rondodasosa wants to help Shiva get out of prison


Rondodasosa wants to help Shiva get out of prison

As we know, Shiva is currently detained in the San Vittore prison in Milan on charges of attempted murder. According to what was reconstructed by investigators and reported by various newspapers, the attack suffered by Shiva and his team, which then resulted in a fight and shooting on 11 July, was apparently planned by a group near Rondodasosa.

And as we know there is no bad blood between Rondo and Shiva, far from it. The two have disagreed several times, in songs and on social media and have never made a secret of the fact that they have no mutual sympathy. ANDyet now it seems that Rondo wants to help Shiva solve his legal problems.

The San Siro artist published a chat on his IG stories in which he asks for his help to “get him out” and adds “he saved me, he has my respect”.

Of course, Rondo’s message is vague, but one can guess that Shiva did not mention his name nor did he talk about their rivalry and who tried to attack him, effectively saving Rondo’s ass, who for this reason wants to give him a hand.

Have we perhaps reached the end of the rivalry between the two?


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