Shiva arrested on charges of attempted murder


Shiva arrested on charges of attempted murder

It was July 11th, when Shiva and his group of friends were involved in a fight that resulted in a shooting in which a boy was injured, which took place in front of the studios in West Milan.

At the time of the events Shiva had commented on the matter specifying that it was “episodes due to a continuous challenge towards me and towards my group. You came illegally into my house trying to take me by surprise, but you escaped and called the police to help you”. Shiva then continued by saying that for some time now he has only been busy with music and creating projects that can help kids escape certain contexts. He spoke of envy and continuous attempts to undermine him and underlined that “This episode doesn’t intimidate me, in fact it makes me even stronger”.

Three months after that episode, Shiva was arrested on charges of attempted murder by agents of the Milan Flying Squad. The rapper is accused of wounding two boys in the legs with a gun who initially attacked him.

They are two young people hit by gunshots in the legs. Initially only one injured boy had been identified, who, as reported by Il Giorno, had refused hospitalization because he had suffered a slight abrasion to his leg and had made it known that he did not want to tell anything about what had happened.

The second boy then went to the Vimercate emergency room with a gunshot wound to the leg and spoke extremely vaguely about 5 unknown attackers.

At the scene of the shooting, forensics found four 9×21 caliber shell casings.

One of the two boys, a certain Alessandro R., boasts friendships on Instagram with various exponents of the Milanese trap scene and the investigators immediately understood that the attack which resulted in a fight and shooting was linked to a sort of feud between Shiva’s group and a other group. According to the investigators, the attack was triggered by a video posted by Shiva, in which he mocked one of the members of the rival faction.

Shiva is currently in prison in San Vittore.


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